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the president said. as we begin to see both candidates, we'll hear from governor romney in a little bit, what they're calling their closing arguments in the last few days of the campaign. >> reporter: that's right, and president obama is making his closing argument wrapping it around the recovery efforts for sandy, the bipartisan cooperation that he demonstrated with chris christie, trying to make the point that this is when america is at its best. now he's got a better than expected jobs report and he can say america's coming back, home values are rising. we had the most private sector hiring in eight months. all those are elements of the president's argument. of course, mitt romney's argument is going to be is this the best we can do? we can do better. he has already been saying that earlier today, saying the president says this is the best it can be. i say it can't stay this way. there you have the two arguments framed as we go to a final weekend with the polls nationally showing a dead heat and in the swing states a slide advantage for president obama. >> obviously it's all happening, the
this on tuesday? >> the way we look at this is both short term and medium to longer term. short term, if romney gets in, then the market could actually suffer a little bit if he starts to be a bit more conservative on the fiscal side, obviously there is talk bernanke won't get a second term. who will come in. in terms of longer term, america has to tackle the fiscal deficit. if it continues to have a trillion dollar deficit every year, that will be a long term negative. so maybe the romney/ryan ticket is longer term positive. >> and jim, what prospect is there at this point for any resolution of the fiscal cliff before year end regardless who have is in the white house? >> i don't expect it to be resolved before year end. and i think the best scenario is a temporary stay of execution. go into maybe march or something where there will have to be some big decisions made both on tax reform and entitlements. but i think there will be a ton of uncertainty heading in to 2013. >> thank you again for getting up for us. be safe on your way back. and as mentioned, we want your hurricane stories. especial
edge in these important swing states that both candidates need to win to get to 270. >> how hard has the last few days been for romney with the president inspecting storm damage, how tough is his job? >> its eye certainly a challenge. you have somebody in the president who is the commander in chief. if you're mitt romney, you want to be a part of the conversation somehow. he spent tuesday participating in storm relief efforts, taking time away from the campaign trail, but it's certainly difficult to stay in the conversation the way he wants to. with obama back on the campaign trail, romney in virginia, but certainly the last three days, it's been a challenge for romney to stay in the conversation with obama and to show that he can be just as much of a commander in chief than the president. >> how do you think the jobs number on friday plays in to the poll on tuesday? >>per late in the cycle to have too much effect. but i was absolutely stunned by christ christie's remarks. when you take that in combination with his speech at the republican convention which was really about himself, i
tough economy. all voters know that. >> i say both sides get exactly what they want here. president can cite his case and governor romney can cite his. i don't think it is any different than it was three, four, five months ago, frankly. >>> let's talk about mayor michael bloomberg's decision to proceed with the new york marathon sunday. it is continuing to stir up controversy on concerns it is going to divert resources away from the rescue and recovery. is the backlash justified? >> don't get me started on this, tyler. i was this morning at a midtown hotel being forced to check out with my daughters and my wife. we don't have power. we don't have electricity or hot water downtown manhattan. we're being forced to check out because all the joggers were coming to the hotel. now i don't have anything against the runners themselves. i just think there are families in new york that still need hotel rooms because we don't have a place to live tonight. but the runners are getting those rooms. i just think that's a bad allocation of resources. not just for me but for other families as well. >> m
events in florida today and then in wisconsin tomorrow. mitt romney's done the same thing, cancelling events tonight and tomorrow. it's a difficult situation for candidates. of course, they both rin tinsley competitive. they want to win. president obama said i'm not thinking about the election. of course, he is thinking about the election all the time, so are his people. they know that or they believe that they have an advantage in battleground states and that perhaps the freezing of attention to the campaign will benefit them with a limited time to go. on the other hand, mitt romney can point to national polls and say i've gotten the upper hand since the first debate, so we will see whether the ground games get affected by this. obama's generally considered to have the more extensive and effective ground game. that, of course, is going to be tested on election day, but if some of that is interrupted, he and his people could be affected, and we'll see whether the early vote in places like north carolina, for example, where it matters some and florida is shaken up by this. >> and some
. >> actually, i don't think the republicans wanted that. >> i know, and i think mitt romney -- >> he didn't actually get them together. >> romney repealing obamacare his first day in office is going to hurt us. i don't think it's true the president hasn't been able to bring both sides together. we just witnessed how he stood with governor christie in new jersey. we had a response to a nation in a crisis. >> you think there's class warfare in this country? >> no, i think the best of our country wants to come together to get this economy going again. and that president obama has shown a path that we can trust and that mitt romney is not offering anything but the failed economic policies of the past, which say that the top 1% in this country should not pay their fair share. we reject that vision for america. >> let's not forget the 47% that don't pay any tax, right? >> that's also an inaccurate statement. >> 47% of this country does not pay income tax. that's not an inaccurate statement. at all. that's a fact. >> but they pay sales tax. there's lots of taxes that people pay. >> i'm talking a
too, to us, emil? >> china is one of the many pillars of governor romney's plan is to call china a currency manipulator. >> does that bother you in terms of raising the specter? >> no, there are many bright people on both sides of this but it doesn't and it doesn't for the very reason that it is, one, it is absolutely not in china's interest to have a trade war. it's not in their interest economically and it's not in their interest politically. remember these are, and this is where we get into geopolitical strategizing which is out of my realm of expertise for sure but this is holding on to power for a group of very few is a very important element. >> now you sound like you could be talking about the federal reserve in both cases. is ben bernanke a currency manipulator? >> that's grist for a broader conversation. >> we can't trash them if we're doing the same here. >> is ben bernanke sitting in his office attempting to manipulate the currency, no. in my judgment. but is the fed's dual mandate which requires the task of full employment by a central bank is that a proper thing for
, but it is less positive in terms of the markets. >> i'm seeing both sides. i'm seeing people that -- people that just love, i don't know, spending ahead. and worry about austerity and if romney gets elected, talking about austerity, in the same boat as europe and he's going to turn off the federal reserve. and that's amazing to me that as we hurdle toward 40% of gdp being spent on government entitlements by whatever year, but it's coming if we don't curb things. i would think that curbing that near term would be a positive. but i see people arguing that he'd be cutting off the punch bowl, romney, if he were elected. >> well, you know, that's a great question. and i think in terms of timing, you know, i think it would be unrealistic for a new president to make one of his first 100 days act to change the fed. >> so we decided we like bernanke then? so qe-3, the way to say that romney won't be negative for the markets is by saying he won't do anything to bernanke right away? so we do like qe-3? >> you have to remember -- households, corporate cash balances are over $1.5 trillion, at a record b
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8